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What Differentiates “Lincoln Log Homes” from other
Log Home Manufacturers?

No. 1 - THE LOG HOME PACKAGE. Lincoln Logs goes above and beyond that of other log home kit manufacturers by providing a cost effective log home package. We sell only what the customer cannot purchase directly from local building suppliers...exterior log walls and optional, log interior walls. Many of our log home and log cabin competitors sell a variety of materials along with the log home kit;such as log siding ... timber frame products ... wood beams ... trusses ... decking ... roofing ... insulation ... interior walls ... windows ... doors ... flooring, and other items. The buyer thinks that such an offering is beneficial to him. It definitely is not. We provide the product which provides the buyer the most economical benefit.

In most cases, additional materials being shipped require extra trucks ... at extra cost to the buyer. Other log home manufacturers providing these log home kit options often ship a lower grade material. Should the buyer wish to return any part of the purchase, it becomes impractical because of the distance from the factory from which it was purchased. Finally, be assured that no log home kit manufacturer will sell any item without a mark up to cover his profit, handling and purchasing costs. The bottom line is that you can purchase material locally from Lowes, Home Depot, or an independent source for less money while selecting the quality which suits your needs.

Then, there is the necessity of storing the materials that would arrive at the same time the log home kit arrives. Unless the home materials are stored correctly in a building that offers protection from the elements, trusses warp; doors warp; windows break and warp; decking warps, and material often is stolen from the job site. Most buyers do not have a dry storage place, so it is only sensible to purchase “finish” materials as they are needed . . . locally.

You will save money by purchasing locally... not be required to store materials... and have reduced shipping costs.

A Distinct Lincoln Log Home Advantage

No. 2 - THE LOG HOME KIT OPTION. Only with Lincoln Logs does the buyer have the following two options:

A- To purchase a log home in log kit form; pre-cut logs which are assembled at the building site.

In log home kit form, the individual logs are pre-cut to size, and pre-numbered. A stack sheet is furnished for each log wall. Blueprints are drawn for each log home and accompany the log home kit. In addition, an instructional video tape is available to every Lincoln Log purchaser upon request.

We show our dealers how to build the log walls. Two people can easily erect a Lincoln Log wall. They do not need building experience and the process is simple. The customer’s involvement is called “sweat equity” resulting in a much lower construction cost.

B- To purchase pre-assembled log walls. The log walls are assembled at our factory.

Should the buyer choose the pre-assembled log wall option at additional cost, each wall comes to the building site already assembled. At time of delivery, the walls are set by crane onto the foundation. The rafters and/or trusses and sheathing can be set at the same time. When the crane pulls away, the home is “in-the-dry.” The buyer proceeds with the finishing of the log home at his desired pace. All remaining work is conventional carpentry. The benefit is increased speed of erection and convenience and factory quality construction.

NO. 3 – OTHER EXCLUSIVE FEATURES. Lincoln Logs offers so much more than other log home kit manufacturers ... other exclusive design features include:

  • Exclusive “Weather-Lok Corners”. The logs are machined to close tolerance. The whole log interlocking corners offer stability unsurpassed in the log home and log cabin industry.
  • Exclusive “Weather-Lok Grooves”. Top and bottom of each log is v-grooved to accommodate a one inch diameter polyethylene backer rod. The groove ensures the proper horizontal placement of this insulation in the center of the log, sealing out the weather and sealing in the heat. Other log
  • home manufacturers have a similar but smaller groove . . however, the groove extends to the end of each log, to the corners. This forms a trough for water to run into the corners. NOT SO WITH LINCOLN. WE STOP THE GROOVE AT THE INSIDE OF THE CORNER. This technology is far better in eliminating water seepage. Furthermore, the “weather-lok” corners are more aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see, nobody pays more attention to detail than Lincoln Log Homes. Over thirty-three years of experience, complemented by a talented and committed staff, assures you of the finest quality yellow pine log home on the market today . . .at the lowest possible cost when compared to other log cabins or homes of similar quality.

Buy Quality . . . Five years from now you will be glad that you did!

Our Pioneer cabin with a full basement and attached Garage is up with a roof on it, sitting on our beautiful Maple wooded lake lot just like we dreamed 2 years ago. Its totally awesome, thanks for your and Jeff's help making it possible.
Jeff, It has been a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for your dedication & proessionional, call anytime if you need anything! Thanks Again!
Bill Kincad