Gallery of Log Home Plans and Log Cabin Home Designs

We have 48 standard log cabin home designs and a proven ability to customize a log home to fit virtually anyone's needs. We've selected our top sellers to display here. Please select a model from this list for a closer look:

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The Grand Vista    The Grand Manor

              The Grand Vista                              The Grand Manor

 The Whipering Pines  The Madison

             The Whispering Pines                         The Madison


 The Gatlinburg  The Williamsburg

               The Gatlinburg                              The Williamsburg

The Fredricksburg The Bluefield

       The Fredricksburg                                    The Blufield

 The Saennadoah  The Richmond

          The Shennadoah                                      The Richmond

 The Cumberland The Pioneer

         The Cumberland                                      The Pioneer  

 The Roanoke The Charleston

              The Roanoke                                     The Charleston 

 The Nashville The Farmhouse

                The Nashville                            The Farmhouse  

 The Texan  The Wyoming  

              The Texan                                   The Wyoming

The Colorado  The Navada

             The Colorado                                       The Navada        

 The Cheyenne The Lexington

            The Cheyenne                                    The Lexington 

 The Yellowstone The Yadkin

           The Yellowstone                                     The Yadkin   

  The Californian The Hampton

           The Californian                                     The Hampton  

 The Appalachian The Portland          

          The Appalachian                               The Portland                           

The Chesapeake   The Laurel

           The Chesapeake                                    The Laurel                   

The 2 car Garage 3-car Garage




Our Pioneer cabin with a full basement and attached Garage is up with a roof on it, sitting on our beautiful Maple wooded lake lot just like we dreamed 2 years ago. Its totally awesome, thanks for your and Jeff's help making it possible.
Jeff, It has been a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for your dedication & proessionional, call anytime if you need anything! Thanks Again!
Bill Kincad