Questions and Answers about Lincoln Logs International Log Home Kits

Lincoln Logs International has cornered the market on quality, going beyond the typical log home kits of yesteryear. Lincoln Logs presents contemporary log home kit designs that join beauty and durability with our exclusive “Weather-Lok” corners; just one of the many innovative differences you’ll find in every model. Each log is perfectly machine cut to 6” x 8”, and features a routed cut at the ends for maximum beauty and protection from the weather.

Each log course is snugly fit by the “patentpending” cut shown below. Logs are machine “V” grooved on top and bottom to accommodate a 1” diameter polyethylene backer rod. Two 1” x 6” wooden dowels are placed at each butt joints. Compression of the backer rod and the installation of the dowels is also a leading feature of our homes. The machined “V” groove extends exactly to the routed cut. This eliminates a trough in which water could seep into the wall.

Many of our competitors do not pay such close attention to detail.



buttjoint section




Kits Include Pre-cut southern yellow pine logs,lag bolts,weather Strip,Stack sheets and Blue prints

Q: What are the major advantages of Lincoln Logs International homes over other log home manufacturers?
A: There are several. First, our log homes are precision cut to eliminate any need for "on site" trimming or fitting. This reduces the amount of labor and construction cost.

Another advantage is our exclusive "Weather-lok" corner, which creates its own weather tight seal. Our 30 day delivery is probably one of the fastest in the log home industry.

We plane and cut all logs at our own onsite mill, so we have 100% quality control. There are many other advantages, some of which will be covered later on this page. You can call our office or your local dealer for assistance, if needed. We don't just sell the package and disappear.

Q: How many different log home models are available through Lincoln Logs International, LLC?
A: We currently have 49 designs, ranging from approximately 900 to over 8500 square feet. You are not limited to this number. We can cut a custom designed log home for those with their own unique tastes. We have a drafting and design department which can readily adapt almost any design to a Lincoln Logs International home package.

We have designed, or adapted to our log package, almost every type of building,---from storage buildings to shopping center complexes. Our versatility and flexibility in log home designs offer something for everyone.

Q: What is included in the Lincoln Logs International log home package?
A: We ship only the materials not locally available. We want to help our customers save money in materials and shipping costs by having them negotiate with a local building supply company for conventional materials such as: windows, doors, roofing. Customers can purchase from a local supplier at the lowest price, plus save additional freight charges.

Q: Can I alter the interior layout of an existing log home design?
A: Yes, and most often at no additional cost to you. A Lincoln Logs International home can be built as a completely empty shell when roof trusses are used, since all support is to the outside walls. This allows you to get the home under roof in the least possible time, and can often save you money in cases where weather might be a factor. You can then arrange the partition walls to suit your individual needs and tastes.

Q: Are there any special precautions in beginning a Lincoln Logs International home?
A: In any construction project, it is necessary to keep all footings, foundations and walls running square and true. Log homes are no different. Precautions should be taken to make sure the initial course (base logs) are laid square and conform to all measurements on the blueprints. Also, care should be taken to ensure that the logs are sitting squarely on the foundation, with no extreme overlapping. From this point on, you need only to follow the blueprints and log stack sheets making sure that each course is kept square.

Q: What kind of timber is used in a Lincoln Logs International home?
A: Our log homes are all cut from southern yellow pine. They are uniform in size to eliminate water or snow ledges on the outer walls, and to allow flexibility in finishing the interior walls. Our logs are 8 inches thick by 6 inches tall and precision cut at our mill located on our property.

Q: How are the logs joined together in a Lincoln Logs International home?
A: We utilize a polyurethane backer rod that fits into a pre-cut v-groove between the logs. On the butt end joints, two strips of polyurethane gasket material and two 1'' diameter hardwood dowel pins are incorporated to ensure a complete seal against air, light, and water. 9 inch lag bolts are used at 16 inch intervals to bolt the logs together forming, in essence, a solid 8 inch thick wood wall--- a very tight and very strong structure.

Q: What kind of foundation do you recommend?
A: Any type of foundation can be used, from concrete blocks to brick, poured concrete or piers. We suggest that concrete blocks be used in lieu of the lighter weight blocks due to the weight of the log walls. Also, it is very important to make sure that the logs are square on the foundation.

Q: Do your log homes settle?
A: All log homes, cabins or buildings will settle to some extent. We allow for this by leaving some space above all windows and doors settling. This space should be filled with insulation and covered by the window or door face plate. Only 1% - 2% settling is expected with our log homes.

Q: How is the electrical wiring run in the log walls?
A: It's very simple. Our bottom course of logs is cut flat on the inside to allow a wiring conduit chase to be formed using furring strips and wide baseboard trim. In locations where a wall switch is needed on a log wall, the wire is run up between the door sub jamb and the butt ends of the logs. Where necessary, the wiring conduit chase formed by the base log and side baseboard can also be used to hide telephone and other lines.

Q: How are the interior walls built in a Lincoln Logs International home?
A: Just as in a conventional home. Any type of interior wall is acceptable. Sheetrock to wood paneling are clever ways to tie the interior partition walls into the curved log outer walls with no necessity of molding of any kind. This is another saving over conventional housing. Your local Lincoln Logs International dealer can demonstrate this for you.






Our Pioneer cabin with a full basement and attached Garage is up with a roof on it, sitting on our beautiful Maple wooded lake lot just like we dreamed 2 years ago. Its totally awesome, thanks for your and Jeff's help making it possible.
Jeff, It has been a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for your dedication & proessionional, call anytime if you need anything! Thanks Again!
Bill Kincad